A seaside resort set amongst a labyrinth of lush trees, winding stairways and intricate decor - Lan Rung offers you an ideal location in which to calm your body, mind and soul.

As the only resort in Vung Tau located on the beach, it boasts sublime sunsets, swaying palm trees and sweeping sea views. Escape the bustle of city life and bask in all of these elements while a dedicated and high quality staff create your home away from home.

Only 1hr and 45min away from central Ho Chi Minh City, you can discover sculptures scattered throughout exotic gardens, doric columns adorned with angels, and intricate designs layered on every wall.

Lan Rung resort is a culmination of classical architecture, modern sensibilities and polite service. Enjoy a relaxing holiday, special event or, simply, an evening spent dining by the sea.